We can never truly keep up with the pace of how mass communication enables us to view global and national news coverage. Headlines, text and photos introduce us to monumental world events contradicted by viewing them on such a small, uniform scale at a fast, impersonal flow. I work from appropriated images and text which enables interaction with and filtration of current events through the lens of an individual spectator. Each painting I create is a less perfect, reiteration of the image just as each image we view of news coverage is a mediated image, lacking context and to an extent authenticity. Prevalent in both my ceramic work and paintings is the need to slow down and intimately work with traditional mediums to recreate these mass media images and text in an intimate and slow manner, directly countering the fast, impersonal pace of news coverage. My work can serve to memorialize and contemplate representation of past events outside of the usual context and pace, but there is an evident contradiction in that despite each image or text I choose to appropriate, other images and texts are overlooked. In an increasingly globalist reality that values the concept of the engaged or global citizen, I am interested in the contradictions and moral ambivalence that arise in news coverage and how, we, as distanced spectators, can contemplate and comprehend global and national events we can feel alienated from.   



•    2022       Master of Fine Arts

                     University of Massachusetts-Amherst

•    2018       Bachelor of Fine Arts   
                     University of Georgia


•    2020     Graduate Project Assistant 

                     University Museum of Contemporary Art 

•    2019-   Teaching Assistant 

                     University of Massachusetts- Amherst


•    2020      A Ceramics Exhibition, The In Art Gallery, Online Exhibition (Juror: Professor Mathew McConnell) 

•    2019      Wherever I may be the sky is mine, Herter Gallery, Amherst MA (Curated by Professor Young Min Moon)

•    2019      A Room of Their Own: OCAF Summer Installation, Watkinsville, GA (invitational) 

•    2019      Residency Conclusionary Exhibition, Horlock House Art Gallery, Navasota, TX

•    2018      Chautauqua School of Art Annual Student Exhibition, Fowler-Kellogg Art Center, Chautauqua, NY 

                    (Curated by Professor Don Kimes)

•    2018      Members Show, Oconee County Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA

•    2018      Full House, Lyndon House Art Center, Athens, GA 

•    2018      Everybody talking at once, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Athens, GA 
•    2017      Text and Image, Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (Juror: Edith Newhall, Critic, Philadelphia Inquirer)
•    2017      EMERGE: an Intercollegiate Art Student Exhibition, Blue Mark Studios, Atlanta, GA (Jurors Brian Seay,                          Director of Blue Mark Studios, and Anne Weems, gallery manager at Hathaway Gallery)
•    2017      Reflections of 2016, Kelwood Contemporary Art Gallery,  Baton Rouge, LA (Juror: Jennifer Carwile)
•    2017      La Mostra, Lamar Dodd Gallery Space,  Athens, GA 
•    2017      “All Women” art exhibition, Light Space & Time Art Gallery, Online 
•    2016      La Mostra, UGA Cortona Gallery Space, Cortona, Italy
•    2016      Fl3tch3r Exhibit, Reece Museum, Johnson City, TN (Juror: Eric Avery) 
•    2016      “No Theme” Art Contest, International Gallery of the Arts 
•    2016      Foundations Show, Lamar Dodd Gallery Space, Athens, GA
•    2016      HPSC UGA Art Competition Winners, Turner Gallery, Athens, GA
•    2016      Student Art Competition Art Show, Botanical Garden Visitor Center, Athens, GA  
•    2015      Foundations Show, Lamar Dodd Gallery Space, Athens, GA


 •   2018      Navasota Artist in Residence, Navasota, Texas 

 •   2018      Chautauqua School of Art, Chautauqua, New York



•    2018      People's Choice Award, Members Show, Oconee County Arts Foundation
•    2018      Thompson Summer Fellowship
•    2016      Cortona Art Incentive Scholarship 
•    2016      1st Place, State Botanical Garden of Georgia Annual Art Competition 



•    2019    "Art & Life with Hannah Duggan" VoyageHouston, January 23

•    2018     Represented Artist, Friend of the Artist magazine: Volume 5

•    2017     Hannah Duggan, artistaday.com daily feature, October 13,
•    2017     “School of Art Students Create Mural in Rutledge, GA” Lamar Dodd School of Art, May  21
•    2017     Tia Lynn Ivey ,“The Wall of Honor” Morgan County Citizen, May 16,
•    2017     “Oil Paintings by Hannah Duggan” Amperstand Literary, March 13,
•    2017     “Artists use work to reflect on 2016 in new show” Dig Baton Rouge, March 1st
•    2016     “2016 Fl3tch3r exhibit catalog” Reese Museum





•    2017     I'd rather be in Tignall mural, North Wilkes Steering Committee, Tignall Ga 

•    2017     Snelling Dining Commons word space mural, Athens, GA

•    2017     Wall of Honor, Veterans' Mural, Rutledge, GA