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My practice examines digital culture, mass media and my personal reflections as a user. The passive consumption of internet browsing has been present since I was a child. Within my work, I consider the mental impact of growing up with this access and the banal infiltration of digital experience into the everyday. I look at social media platforms, news sites, clickbait, chat rooms, search engines, stock images and many other digital sources as a starting point for my work.


My current body of paintings are made directly from cropped screenshots I took while browsing the internet. Through painting, I create lasting, confrontational objects in physical relationship with the viewer, countering the typically fleeting experience of seeing content through the flat, distancing interface of the screen. Guided by algorithms, the internet is a visual network, and representational choices are relentlessly naturalized through digital platforms on innumerable topics from the contentious to the banal. I capture specific moments that isolate these contradictions where thumbnails depicting global tragedy are paired with links for brunch recipes. My work serves as an investigation into the moral ambivalences produced in the viewing public.


Within my current ceramic practice, I utilize a variety of new technologies and traditional ceramic techniques to translate digital imagery, text, and files into ceramic sculpture and vessels. I seek to embrace the errors and mistranslations many of these technologies exhibit in the process of creating physical objects from digital origins and to incorporate my ‘hand’ in these digital processes. I use clay to engage with digital themes since, despite its fragility, clay is historically one of our most archival materials. I see clay’s stable, tactile yet fragile properties as a counter and comparison to the archival but transient nature of the screen. I draw parallels between the unassuming functionality of everyday technologies and utilitarian ceramic objects. 


•    2022       Master of Fine Arts

                     University of Massachusetts-Amherst

•    2018       Bachelor of Fine Arts   
                     University of Georgia


•    2022-     Fulltime Lecturer - Painting and Drawing

     Present   Central Michigan University

•    2020-    Instructor of Record - Foundations level drawing

     2022        University of Massachusetts- Amherst


    2024      Electric Lattice, Flora Kirsch Beck Gallery, Alma College, Michigan *Two Person Show 

    2023      Why am I, Formah Gallery, Manhattan, New York *Two Person Show 

•    2022      Ambivalent RoutinesPennsylvania State University - Altoona, Pennsylvania 

•    2022      Fragile Archive, Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick, Maryland 

•    2022      Mixed Messages: Thesis Exhibition, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Massachusetts 



•    2024      (Forthcoming) Goggleworks Center for the Arts, Reading, Pennsylvania 

•    2023      Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, Canada

•    2022      Mudhouse Residency, Agios Ioannis, Crete 

•    2018      Navasota Artist in Residence, Navasota, Texas 

•    2018      Chautauqua School of Art, Chautauqua, New York


    2024      Loss of Words, Blue Raven Gallery, Rockland, Maine

    2023      Hudson Valley Kitchen, Spring/Break, New York, New York

•    2023      The Quiet Place, FORMah Gallery, New York, New York 

•    2023      Transformative Craft, Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

    2023      Shapes of Influence, Springfield Arts Association, Springfield, Illinois 

•    2023      2023 International Juried Exhibition, The Center for Contemporary Art, Bedminster, NJ

   2023      Midwest Regional Exhibition 2023, Artlink Contemporary Gallery, Fort Wayne, Indiana
•    2022      Out of Hand: Tradition Meets Tech, Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center, Solomons, 

                    Maryland (Juror: Fabiola Delgado) 

•    2022      93rd Michigan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, Michigan (Juror: 

                    Kira Nam Greene)

•    2022      Paperworks, b. j. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, New York (Juror: Kiko Aebi) 

•    2022      Closing Exhibition, Mudhouse Residency, Agios Ioannis, Crete, Greece

•    2022      True Stories, The Untitled Space, New York, New York (Curated by Indira Cesarine)

•    2022      Rustbelt: REDUX, Vestige Concept Gallery, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania  

•    2022      By Visceral Effect, StartaArta, New York, New York 

•    2022      Unearthed Online: A Virtual Zoonotic Hex Exhibition, Field Projects, New York, New York 

•    2021      Ham Sandwich, AHA Fine Art, Brooklyn, New York   

•    2021      New Directions 2021, Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, New York (Juror: Vivian Li)

•    2021      Lost & Found, Vacant Museum, Online 

•    2021      Reimagining the Real, Emery Community Arts Center, University of Maine-Farmington (Juror: Ann                                Bartges)

•    2021      This Moment of Rupture, VisArts, Rockville, Maryland (Juror: Margaret Boozer)

•    2021      People Places Things, Project Gallery V, Online, New York (Juror: Samantha Rippner) 

•    2021      2021 National Juried Exhibition, Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick Maryland (Juror: Margaret Winslow)

•    2021      Adrift, Main Street Arts, Clifton Springs, New York (Juror: Steffi Chappell) 

•    2021      Printin', St. Louis Artists' Guild, St. Louis, MO (Juror: Aaron Coleman)

•    2021      Variations 2021, Marblehead Arts Association, Marblehead, MA (Juror: Beth C. McLaughlin)

•    2020      What Now? Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, Connecticut (Online) 

•    2020      A Ceramics Exhibition, The In Art Gallery (Juror: Professor Mathew McConnell) 

•    2019      Wherever I may be the sky is mine, Herter Gallery, Amherst MA (Curated by Professor Young Min Moon)

•    2019      A Room of Their Own: OCAF Summer Installation, Watkinsville, GA (invitational) 

•    2019      Residency Closing Exhibition, Horlock House Art Gallery, Navasota, TX

•    2018      Chautauqua School of Art Annual Student Exhibition, Fowler-Kellogg Art Center, Chautauqua, NY 

                    (Curated by Professor Don Kimes)

•    2018      Everybody talking at once, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Athens, GA 
•    2017      Text and Image, Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (Juror: Edith Newhall, Critic, Philadelphia Inquirer)



•    2022      Block Grant, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Amherst MA

•    2021      Juror's Prize, New Directions 2021, Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie New York (Juror: Vivian Li) 

•    2021     1st place, National Juried Exhibition, Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick, Maryland (Juror: Margaret 


•     2021     3rd place, Printin', St. Louis Artists Guild, St. Louis, Missouri (Juror: Aaron Coleman)

•    2018      Thompson Summer Fellowship


•    2021    Create! Magazine, Featured Artist: Issue 27 

•    2019    VoyageHouston "Art & Life with Hannah Duggan", January 23

•    2018     Friend of the Artist Magazine, Featured Artist, Volume 5



•    2024     Visiting Artist Talk, Alma College, Alma Michigan 

•    2022     Presenter, Art Matters Artist Talks, Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick Maryland 


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